The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS) in Early Childhood Education and Teaching (ECET) at Weatherford College prepares individuals to work with children from newborns through the sixth grade. The program is designed to meet the growing demands for individuals who are well qualified to educate the young people of our region and state.

Students in the Weatherford College program undertake experiential learning internships in their communities, reshaping communal narratives as they complete their coursework and enter the workforce. Graduates possess the skills and training essential to develop effective student-teacher relationships. They learn to engage with students, challenging them with intentionally crafted learning experiences. They become home-grown educators, mentors, role models, and leaders.

The curriculum of the BAAS ECET focuses on student-centered learning within culturally sensitive and responsive contexts. The theoretical concepts taught and modeled in the College classroom are applied as students engage in field-based practicums. Program content includes a wide variety of concepts and frameworks from which to pursue excellence in education.

Career Options

This degree prepares students to become Early Childhood Educators.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission
It is estimated that regional needs for EC-6 teachers will increase in the next ten years by more than

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BAAS in Early Childhood Education and Teaching


Dr. Leslie Hancock
Program Director, BAAS ECET