Name Position Phone Number
Tod Allen Farmer, Ed.D. President 817-598-6271
Theresa Hutchison, A.A. Executive Assistant to the President 817-598-6271

Institutional Effectiveness

Name Position Phone Number
  Dean 817-598-8822
John D. Jones, Ph.D. Executive Director, Institutional Research 817-598-6345
Stephenie A. FIelds, M.Ed. Director, Grants Compliance and
Program Accreditation
Traci McKinley, M.S. Director, Institutional Assessment
and QEP
Shanna Mello, M.S. Administrative Assistant 817-598-8814

General Counsel / Human Resources

Name Position Phone Number
Dan Curlee General Counsel 817-598-8822
Shanna Mello, M.S. Paralegal 817-598-8814
Ralinda Stone, B.B.A., M.S. Executive Director 817-598-6276
Paul Williams, B.B.A. Coordinator, HR Services 817-598-6474
Lisa Martin Human Resources Generalist  817-598-6359
Leslie Bearden Human Resources Assistant 817-598-8954
Name Position Phone Number
Andra Cantrell, Ed.D. Executive Vice President 817-598-6260

Business Services

Name Position Phone Number
Lisa Simons, B.S. Controller 817-598-6263
Missy Kirchem, M.B.A. Budget Manager 817-598-8810
Jennifer Lopez, MAcc Director of Accounting 817-598-6264
Donna Cox Fiscal Specialist 817-598-6261
Starla Edwards Accounts Payable Assistant 817-598-6465
Karen Holmes Accounts Payable Assistant 817-598-8842
Karie Speegle Lead Cashier / Accounts
Receivable Assistant
Jennifer Englert, A.A. Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist 817-598-6460
Loretta Streif, B.B.A. Payroll Manager 817-598-6433
Beth Wetsel, A.A. Accounts Receivable Manager 817-598-6262
Jessica Kapka Student Accounts Receivable Specialist 817-598-8865

Food Services

Name Position Phone Number
Erin Davidson, B.S. Director 817-598-6285
  Head Cook 817-598-6226
Jaquelina Mendoza Food Services  
  Catering Coordinator 817-598-6226

Technology Services

Name Position Phone Number
Greg Shrader, B.S. Director 817-598-6471
Jim Carmichael, A.A.S. Windows System Administrator 817-598-6364
Gini Chesney, B.S. Service Desk Administrator 817-598-6364
Jon Cody, B.S. Computer / AV Technician 817-598-6364
Lisa Coody, A.S., A.A.S.  Telecommunication Administrator 817-598-6364
Sam Coody, B.S. Client Services Manager 817-598-6420
Zachary Endy, B.S. Computer / AV Technician  
Larry Gillespie, A.A.S. Audio Visual Technician 817-598-6385
Misty Kiesendahl, A.A., A.A.S.  Application Administrator 817-598-8802
Lydia Osborne, A.A.S. Service Desk Specialist 817-598-6362
Mason Owen, A.A. Computer / AV Technician 817-598-6364
Cheryl Rodriguez, MSIT LMS Administrator 817-598-6363
Joshua Sterling Network Administrator 817-598-6364
Kendall Wessel, B.A, M.A. Network Operations Manager 817-598-6364


Name Position Phone Number
Jeanie Hobbs, B.B.A. Director 817-598-6267
Toni Martin, B.A.A.S. Assistant Director, Purchasing 817-598-6469
Sandra Kurosky Purchasing Specialist 817-598-6268
Deborah Terrell, B.S. Senior Buyer 817-598-6367
Derek Peterson, A.A. Shipping, Inventory Control & Mail Mgr. 817-598-6461
Johnny Saldivar Shipping, Receiving & Inventory Control Assistant 817-598-6401
Nisha Gilbert, A.A. Mail Clerk 817-598-6440
Name Position Phone Number
Brent Baker, M.J. Vice President 817-598-6275
Evelyn Payne, A.A. Executive Assistant 817-598-6273
Jaci Edwards, B.B.A. Advancement Specialist 817-598-6272

Creative Services

Name Position Phone Number
Katie Edwards, M.S. Executive Director 817-598-6479
Crystal Woerly, M.A. Director, Communications and Public Relations 817-598-6274
Chelsea Cochran, B.F.A. Multimedia Designer 817-598-6473

Campus Police

Name Position Phone Number
Anthony Bigongiari, M.S. Chief of Police 817-598-6320
Bill Cooper Police Sergeant 817-598-8808
DeeDee Perkins Police Sergeant 817-598-8851
Thomas Murphey Security Sergeant 817-598-8867
Doyle Karg Patrol Officer 817-598-8807
Vern Higbee WCWC Police Sergeant 817-598-8810
  Secretary 817-598-6316
  24-Hour Duty Phone 817-771-3535
Name Position Phone Number
Michael Endy, M.A. Vice President, Instruction & Student Services 817-598-6211
Debbie Alexander, A.A. Executive Assistant 817-598-6214


Name Position Phone Number
Dr. Alex Ibe, MD Dean, Academics 817-598-6426
Dana Brewer, Ph.D. Department Chair, English 817-598-8829
Shirley Brown Department Chair, Math 817-598-6330
Lorraine Gouge Department Chair, Physical Sciences 817-598-6277
Romney Landis Department Chair, Behavioral Sciences 817-598-8834
Trey McKinley Department Chair, Kinesiology 817-598-6255
Dr. Scott Tarnowieckyi Department Chair, Social Sciences 817-598-6326

Department Chair Assistants

Name Position Phone Number
L. Michelle Owens Behavioral Sciences, Life Sciences &  Physical Sciences Secretary 817-598-6291
Keri Waller, A.A. Kinesiology Secretary 817-598-6355
Sandra Kurosky Math & Social Sciences Secretary 817-598-6458
Anita Garcia, A.A. Workforce Specialist, Public Safety 817-598-6347

Agriculture, Business & Communication

Name Position Phone Number
Vance Christie Department Chair  817-598-6280


Name Position Phone Number
Valerie Hopkins Director 817-598-8854
Karen Wells Workforce Specialist 817-598-8850

Dual Credit & eLearning 

Name Position Phone Number
Sarah Lock, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Dual Credit & eLearning 817-598-6481
Cheryl Rodriguez, MSIT LMS Administrator 817-598-6363
Dana Orban Dual Credit Specialist 817-598-8818

Education and Instructional Support

Name Position Phone Number
Rhonda Torres, M.Ed. Dean, Education & Instructional Support 817-598-6212
Valorie Starr Director, Library Services 817-598-6251
Donna R. Cox, B.S. Lab Specialist, Academic Support Center 817-598-6278
Diane Slocum Receptionist (WC Switchboard) 817-598-6200

Education Department

Name Position Phone Number
Shannon Stoker Department Chair 817-598-6372
Corina Flatten Director, ESL & Special Projects in Education 817-598-8959
Carolyn Boggs Instructor 817-598-6445
Stacy Tyler Instructor 817-598-8944

Fine Arts

Name Position Phone Number
Duane Durrett, M.Ed. Dean 817-598-6222

Health and Human Sciences

Name Position Phone Number
Katherine Boswell, M.S., R.N. Dean, Health & Human Sciences 817-598-6216
Tammi White Administrative Assistant 817-598-6217
Paula Hibbert Departmental Secretary 817-598-6259
Rebecca "Becky" Fryer Departmental Secretary 817-598-6348
Cheryl Livengood Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing  817-598-6309
Dr. Tola Plusnick Program Director, RN-to-BSN Program 817-598-6434
Michael McGough Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant  817-598-8801
Nina Maniotis Program Director, Phlebotomy  817-598-6466
Cindy Lavine,
Master's degree
in Public Health
Program Director, Physical
Therapist Assistant 
Kelly Staub Interim Program Director, Radiology Technology  817-598-6432
Tonya Piehl Program Director, Respiratory Care 817-598-6452
Kelly Staub Interim Program Director, Sonography 817-598-8846
Albert 'Eddie' White Program Director, Substance
Abuse Counseling
Lori Boyd Program Director, Vocational Nursing  817-598-6229

Information Technology

Name Position Phone Number
Linda Robinson Department Chair 817-598-6315

Public Safety Professions

Name Position Phone Number
Anita Garcia, A.A.S. Workforce Specialist, Public Safety 817-598-6347
David Anderson, M.S. Coordinator, Fire Science Degree Program 817-598-6424
Jeff McDonald Coordinator, Emergency Medical Services 817-598-6394
Walter Bauer Coordinator, Law Enforcement Academy 817-598-6313
Tom Blair, A.A.S. Coordinator, Fire Academy 817-598-6253
Sharon Johnson Instructor, Criminal Justice 817-598-6450

Center for Research & Writing

Name Position Phone Number
Shannon Stoker Department Chair  817-598-6344


Name Position Phone Number
Diane Slocum Receptionist 817-598-6200

Workforce & Technical Education

Name Position Phone Number

Janetta Kruse, M.Ed.

Dean, Workforce & Technical Education 817-598-6391

Angi Ellis, B.A.A.S.

Workforce Specialist 817-598-8844

Workforce Education

Name Position Phone Number
Jessica McKee, B.B.A. Director, Workforce Education 817-598-8819
Tracy Butler, B.A. Coordinator, Workforce Education (WCWC) 940-626-3263
Ashleigh Thompson, B.A. Coordinator, Workforce Education 817-598-6387
Jade Stults, M.B.A. Advising Specialist, Workforce Education 817-598-6302
Diana Wheeler, A.A.S. Workforce Specialist 817-598-6305
Angi Ellis, B.A.A.S. Workforce Specialist 817-598-8844

Library / Learning Resources Center

Name Position Phone Number
Valorie Starr, M.L.S. Director, Library Services 817-598-6251
Lou Ann Baker, A.A.S. Library Clerk, Cataloging 817-598-6379
Jana McFadden, M.Ed. Library Clerk 817-598-6425
Megan Horn, M.Ed., MLS Acquisitions Librarian 817-598-6370
Kathy Renken, M.Ed., M.L.S. Instruction Librarian 817-598-6382


Name Position Phone Number
Gwen Crabtree, M.Ed. Director, Testing 817-598-6488
  Coordinator, Testing Services 817-598-6383
Carla Bowen, A.A.S. Testing Assistant 817-598-6439
Ernesto Gallegos Testing Assistant 817-598-6383


Name Position Phone Number
Bob McKinley, M.Ed. Head Women's Basketball Coach / Athletic Director 817-598-6256
Brittnie Haley Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 817-598-6258
Chris Lewis Head Men's Basketball Coach 817-598-8953
Payne Andrus Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 817-598-6351
Jeff Lightfoot, M.S. Head Baseball Coach / Assistant Athletic Director 817-598-6353
Jud Kinzy Assistant Baseball Coach 817-598-0398
Johnny Emmons Head Rodeo Coach 817-598-6435
Seth Cooke Assistant Rodeo Coach 817-598-6435
Haylee Williams Head Softball Coach 817-598-6208
Chris Flanagan Assistant Softball Coach 817-598-8845

Weatherford College Wise County

Name Position Phone Number
Wise County Campus   940-627-2690
Kristin McLaughlin Executive Dean 940-626-3233
  Coordinator, Student Services 940-626-3240
Tony Hurtt Coordinator, Facilities Services 940-626-3257
Tracy Butler, B.A. Coordinator, Workforce Education 940-626-3263
Vern Higbee, A.A.S. Police Sergeant 940-626-3301
Stacy Wilkins, B.B.A. Secretary, Business Services 940-626-3234
Katina Middleton, A.A.S. Secretary, Instructional Services 940-626-3296
Cosmetology Salon   940-626-3261
Bookstore   940-626-3259
Library   940-626-3252
Testing Center   940-626-3247
Tutoring, Reading & Writing   940-626-3315
Tutoring, Mathematics   940-626-3253

Education Center at Granbury

Name Position Phone Number
Granbury Campus   817-598-6339
James Wood Campus Director  
Name Position Phone Number
Kay Landrum Executive Dean 817-598-6241
Melissa Whiteman Administrative Assistant 817-598-6241

Registrar's Office

Name Position Phone Number
Linda Hutton, B.A.A.S. Project Management Coordinator 817-598-8877
  Document Processing Specialist  
Mika Foreman, B.S. State Reporting Coordinator 817-598-6354
  Student Records Verification Assistant  
Latonya Hines, M.B.A. Asst. Director of Admissions &
International Student Advisor
Tammy Peters Secretary 817-598-6243

Financial Aid Office

Name Position Phone Number
  Director 817-598-6295
Terri Thompson, M.S Assistant Director of Financial Aid 817-598-6295
Rayanne Hukill, B.A.A.S Financial Aid Coordinator 817-598-6295
Bailey Brock Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Ginger Shelnutt Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Amy Malugani Clerk 817-598-6295

TRIO / Student Support Services

Name Position Phone Number
Kim Hutton, M.Ed. Director 817-598-6484
  Academic Advisor  

Talent Search

Name Position Phone Number
  Program Director 817-598-8909
Samantha Calixtro, M.S.M.L. Educational Specialist 817-598-8823
Alonzo Carlton, B.A. Education Specialist 817-808-6423
Stacy Rhodes Secretary 817-598-6497

Upward Bound

Name Position Phone Number
Jeff Kahlden, M.S Director 817-598-6485
  Academic Counselor 817-598-6441
Christine Endy, M.F.A. Academic Counselor 817-598-6480

Student Development / Student Life / Housing

Name Position Phone Number
Doug Jefferson, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Development 817-598-6247
  Student Life Coordinator 817-598-8956
  Director of Housing 817-598-8874
Debra Riley Clerk 817-598-8997

Coyote Clinic

Name Position Phone Number
Ellie Broughton, RN, BSN, MPH Coyote Clinic Nurse
Covid Contact

Student Counseling

Name Position Phone Number
Doug Jefferson, M. Ed Associate Dean, Student Development 817-598-6247

Student Engagement / Advising / Recruitments / TSI

Name Position Phone Number
John Turntine Director of Student Engagement & Outreach Advisor 817-598-6482
Anna Nichols, B.S. Student Records Coordinator 817-598-6463
Maria Araiza, B.B.A. Recruitment Coordinator 817-598-6395

Special Populations

Name Position Phone Number
Dawn Kahlden Director 817-598-6350