Name Position Phone Number
Tod Allen Farmer, Ed.D. President 817-598-6271
Ryan Heckart, B.A. Executive Assistant to the President 817-598-6271


Name Position Phone Number
Andra Cantrell, Ed.D. Executive Vice President 817-598-6260

Business Services

Name Position Phone Number
Lisa Simons, B.S. Controller 817-598-6263
Donna Cox Fiscal Specialist 817-598-6261
Starla Edwards Accounting Specialist 817-598-6465
Jennifer Englert, A.A. Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist 817-598-6460
Stephenie A. Fields, M.Ed. Director of Grants Compliance 817-598-8957
Michelle Gist, C.P.A. Director of Accounting 817-598-6264
Jessica Kapka Student Accounts Receivable Specialist 817-598-8865
Jackson Lewis Accounts Payable Coordinator 817-598-6386
Misty Miller Accounts Payable Specialist 817-598-6335
Karie Speegle Lead Cashier / AR Assistant 817-598-8842
Loretta Streif, B.B.A. Payroll Manager 817-598-6433
Beth Wetsel, B.A.A.S. Accounts Receivable Manager 817-598-6262

Food Services

Name Position Phone Number
Erin Davidson, B.S. Director 817-598-6285
  Head Cook 817-598-6226
Jaquelina Mendoza Food Services  
  Catering Coordinator 817-598-6226

Technology Services

Name Position Phone Number
Priscilla Parsons, Ed.D Executive Director 817-598-6364
Clay Bearden Computer / AV Technician 817-598-6364
Jim Carmichael, A.A.S. Windows System Administrator 817-598-6364
Gini Chesney, B.S. Service Desk Administrator 817-598-6364
Jon Cody, B.S. Computer / AV Technician 817-598-6364
Lisa Coody, A.S., A.A.S.  Telecommunication Administrator 817-598-6364
Sam Coody, B.S. Client Services Director 817-598-6420
Joe Crawford, B.S. Instructional Technology Administrator 817-598-8891
Anita Garcia, A.A.S. IT Specialist 817-598-6362
Larry Gillespie, B.A.A.S. Audio Visual Technician 817-598-6385
Sergio Gonzales, A.A. Computer/AV Technician 817-598-6364
Willy Hudson, B.B.A. Information Systems Director 817-598-6364
Misty Kiesendahl, A.A., A.A.S.  Application Administrator 817-598-8802
Mason Owen, B.A.A.S. Network Administrator 817-598-6364
Joshua Sterling Network Administrator 817-598-6364
  Network Operations Director 817-598-6364


Name Position Phone Number
Jeanie Hobbs, B.B.A. Director 817-598-6267
Melanie Parker Assistant Director, Purchasing 817-598-6469
Aileen Hedgecoke Purchasing Specialist 817-598-6268
Deborah Terrell, B.S. Senior Buyer 817-598-6367
  Purchasing Buyer 817-598-8848
Derek Peterson, A.A. Shipping, Inventory Control & Mail Mgr. 817-598-6461
Johnny Saldivar Shipping, Receiving & Inventory Control Assistant 817-598-6401
Hollie Bunn Mail Clerk 817-598-6440
Name Position Phone Number
Brent Baker, M.J. Vice President 817-598-6275
Michelle Owens, A.A.S. Executive Assistant 817-598-6291

Susan Sodek, B.A.

Dave Cowley    

Advancement Specialist

Radio Station, General Manager



Human Resources

Name Position Phone Number
Paul Williams, B.B.A. Executive Director, HR 817-598-6474
Karen Cerda, B.B.A. Assistant Director, HR 817-598-6276
Lisa Martin Human Resources Generalist  817-598-6359
Sundee Barnes Human Resources Assistant 817-598-8954

Creative Services

Name Position Phone Number
Katie Edwards, M.S. Executive Director 817-598-6479
Crystal Woerly, M.A. Director, Communications and Public Relations 817-598-6274
  Graphic Designer 817-598-6376

Campus Police

Name Position Phone Number
Anthony Bigongiari, M.S. Chief of Police 817-598-6320
DeeDee Perkins Police Sergeant 817-598-8851
  Police Sergeant 817-598-8810
  Patrol Officer 817-598-8867
Doyle Karg Patrol Officer 817-598-8807
Terry Spector WCWC Police Sergeant 940-626-3239
Penny Garcia Bus Driver/Fleet Manager 817-598-8807
Candice Crawford Police Office Specialist 817-598-6316
  24-Hour Duty Phone 817-771-3535
Name Position Phone Number
Dr. Shannon Ydoyaga, PhD, MS Executive Vice President of Academic Services 817-598-6214
Debbie Alexander, A.A. Executive Assistant 817-598-6214
Diane Slocum Receptionist (WC Switchboard) 817-598-6200


Name Position Phone Number
Vance Christie Department Chair, Agriculture, Business and Communication 817-598-6280
Dana Brewer, Ph.D. Department Chair, Humanities 817-598-8829
Michael Lee Department Chair, Math 817-598-8872
Dr. Lauren Tidwell Department Chair, Life Science 817-598-6491
Shelley Hampe Department Chair, Physical Sciences 817-598-6277
Tasha Brown, Ph.D. Department Chair, Behavioral Sciences 817-598-8834
Trey McKinley Department Chair, Kinesiology 817-598-6255
Jared Stewart Department Chair, Social Sciences 817-598-6327

Institutional Effectiveness

Name Position Phone Number
John D. Jones, Ph.D. Executive Director, Institutional Research 817-598-6345
  Director, Institutional Assessment
and QEP

Department Chair Assistants

Name Position Phone Number
Keri Waller, A.A. Kinesiology Secretary 817-598-6355
Sandra Kurosky Fine Arts, Humanities & Sciences Administrative Assistant 817-598-8981


Name Position Phone Number
Valerie Hopkins Director 817-598-8854
Karen Wells Workforce Specialist 817-598-8850

Dual Credit & eLearning 

Name Position Phone Number
Sarah Lock, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Dual Credit & eLearning 817-598-6481
Dana Orban Dual Credit Specialist 817-598-8818

Education and Instructional Support

Name Position Phone Number
Sarah Lock, PhD. Associate Dean, Education and Instructional Support 817-598-6212
Shannon Stoker Department Chair, Education 817-598-6372
Leslie Hancock Ed.D Director, BAAS in Early Childhood Education & Teaching 817-598-8962
Carolyn Boggs Instructor 817-598-6445
Staci Tyler Instructor 817-598-8944
Donna R. Cox, B.S. Lab Specialist, Academic Support Center 817-598-6278
Ryan Matheny Lab Specialist, Academic Support Center 817-598-6278

Fine Arts

Name Position Phone Number
Duane Durrett, M.Ed. Dean 817-598-6222

Health and Human Sciences

Name Position Phone Number
Katherine Boswell, M.S., R.N. Dean, Health & Human Sciences 817-598-6216
Tammi White Administrative Assistant 817-598-6217
Dr. Marvella Starlin Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing  817-598-6309
  Program Director, RN-to-BSN Program 817-598-6434
Dr. Stephen Duarte Program Director, Medical & Health Services Management 817-598-8951
Michael McGough Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant  817-598-8801
Nina Maniotis Program Director, Phlebotomy  817-598-6466
Cindy Lavine,
Program Director, Physical
Therapist Assistant 
  Program Director, Radiology Technology  817-598-6432
Tonya Piehl Program Director, Respiratory Care 817-598-6452
Kelly Staub Program Director, Sonography 817-598-8846
Albert 'Eddie' White Program Director, Substance
Abuse Counseling
Lori Boyd Program Director, Vocational Nursing  817-598-6229

Information Technology

Name Position Phone Number
Linda Robinson Department Chair 817-598-6315

Public Safety Professions

Name Position Phone Number
Sharon Johnson Department Chair, Public Sagety Professions 817-598-6450
David Anderson, M.S. Coordinator, Fire Science Degree Program 817-598-6424
Samantha Grimsley Coordinator, Emergency Medical Services 817-598-6394
Warren Egerton Coordinator, Law Enforcement Academy 817-598-6313
  Coordinator, Fire Academy 817-598-6253
Ashley Cockerham Workforce Specialist 817-598-6347


Name Position Phone Number
Diane Slocum Receptionist 817-598-6200

Workforce & Technical Education

Name Position Phone Number

Michael Endy, M.A.

Vice President of Workforce Education  

Dr. Alex Ibe, MD

Dean, Emerging Technologies and Workforce 817-598-6391

Karen Wells

Workforce Specialist 817-598-8844

Workforce Education

Name Position Phone Number
Merryl Carson, M.A. Director, Workforce Education 817-598-8819
Tracy Butler, B.A. Manager, Workforce Education (WCWC) 940-626-3263
Laurie Curtin, B.S. Coordinator, Workforce Education  817-598-6387
Brandy Grotts, B.S. Coordinator, Workforce Education 817-598-6302
  Workforce Specialist 817-598-6305
Angi Ellis, B.A.A.S. Workforce Specialist 817-598-8844

Lisa Dahlstrom, B.C.G.S.

Workforce Specialist (WCWC) 940-626-3304

Library / Learning Resources Center

Name Position Phone Number
Valorie Starr, M.L.S. Director, Library Services 817-598-6251
Dina Gibson, B.S. Library Clerk, Cataloging 817-598-6379
Jana McFadden, M.Ed. Library Clerk 817-598-6425
  Acquisitions Librarian 817-598-6370
Kathy Renken, M.Ed., M.L.S. Instruction Librarian 817-598-6382


Name Position Phone Number
Gwen Crabtree, M.Ed. Director, Testing 817-598-6488
  Coordinator, Testing Services 817-598-6383
  Testing Assistant 817-598-6439
Ernesto Gallegos Testing Assistant 817-598-6383

Weatherford College Wise County

Name Position Phone Number
Wise County Campus   940-627-2690
Kristin McLaughlin, M.S. Executive Dean 940-626-3233
Kim Hutton, M.Ed. Director, Student Services 940-626-3240
Paul Callahan Supervisor, Facilities Services 940-626-3257
Tracy Butler, B.A. Manager, Workforce Education 940-626-3263
Lisa Dahlstrom, B.C.G.S. Workforce Specialist 940-626-3304
Terry Spector  Police Sergeant 940-626-3239
Stacy Wilkins, B.B.A. Administrative Assistant, Business Services 940-626-3234
Katina Middleton, A.A.S. Administrative Assistant, Instructional Services 940-626-3296
Cosmetology Salon   940-626-3261
Bookstore   940-626-3259
Library   940-626-3252
Testing Center   940-626-3247
Tutoring, Reading & Writing   940-626-3315
Tutoring, Mathematics   940-626-3253


Name Position Phone Number
Scott Tarnowieckyi, Ph.D. Associate Vice President of Student Services and Athletics 817-598-6326
Jaci Edwards  Director of Special Projects 817-598-6272
Melissa Butler Administrative Assistant 817-598-6241

Office of Enrollment Management

Name Position Phone Number
Adam Finley, M.Ed Executive Dean, Registrar 817-598-8831
Mika Foreman, M.Ed Interim Director of Admissions 817-598-6354
Anna Nichols, B.S. Assistant Registrar 817-598-6463
Linda Hutton, B.A.A.S Project Management Coordinator 817-598-8877
Jolonda Silleman Document Processing Specialist 817-598-6349

Financial Aid Office

Name Position Phone Number
  Director 817-598-6295
Terri Thompson, M.S Assistant Director of Financial Aid 817-598-6295
Rayanne Hukill, B.A.A.S Financial Aid Coordinator 817-598-6295
Bailey Brock Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Ginger Shelnutt Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Amy Malugani Clerk 817-598-6295

TRIO / Student Support Services

Name Position Phone Number
Maria Araiza, M.Ed Director 817-598-6395
  Counselor 817-598-6349
Jade Stults, M.B.A Counselor 817-598-6483

Talent Search

Name Position Phone Number
Samantha Calixtro, M.S.M.L. Program Director 817-598-8823
Sabrina Hendricks Educational Specialist 817-598-8909
Alonzo Carlton, B.A. Education Specialist 817-808-6423
Stacy Rhodes Secretary 817-598-6497

Upward Bound

Name Position Phone Number
Christine Endy, M.F.A. Director 817-598-6480
  Upward Bound Counselor 817-598-6441
Lupe Munoz Upward Bound Counselor 817-598-8887

Office of Student Development  & Wellness Counseling

Name Position Phone Number
Doug Jefferson, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Development 817-598-6247
Aimee Schwartz-Jarrett, LPC, MS Professional Counselor 817-598-6245
  Clerk 817-598-8997

Student Life

Name Position Phone Number
Jimmy Walker Manager of Student Housing and Student Discipline 817-598-8876
Grant Mills Student Life Coordinator 817-598-8956

Student Resources

Name Position Phone Number
Dr. Deborah Jogie-Cregger Director of Student Resources 817-598-6444
Greta Edwards International & Athletic Advisor 817-598-6300
Tammy Peters Veteran Specialist 817-598-6468

Coyote Clinic

Name Position Phone Number
Ellie Broughton, RN, BSN, MPH Coyote Clinic Nurse
Covid Contact

Student Orientations & Special Populations

Name Position Phone Number
Dawn Kahlden, M.Ed Director of Student Pathways 817-598-6350

Performance Notifications

Name Position Phone Number
John Turntine Director of Student Engagement  817-598-6482


Name Position Phone Number
Bob McKinley, M.Ed. Head Women's Basketball Coach / Athletic Director 817-598-6256
Keri Waller Administrative Assistant 817-598-6355
Brittnie Haley Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 817-598-6258
Chris Lewis Head Men's Basketball Coach 817-598-8953
  Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 817-598-6351
Jeff Lightfoot, M.S. Head Baseball Coach / Assistant Athletic Director 817-598-6353
Jud Kinzy Assistant Baseball Coach 817-598-6257
Johnny Emmons Head Rodeo Coach 817-598-6435
Seth Cooke Assistant Rodeo Coach 817-598-6435
Haylee Williams Head Softball Coach 817-598-6208
Chris Flanagan Assistant Softball Coach 817-598-8845