Complete the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) to apply for grants, loans, and work study.

2024-2025 FAFSA 

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used for to determine your eligibility for financial aid (grants, loans, work study). Each year there are minor changes to the application, but for 2024-25, the biggest changes in decades are being implemented. These changes are due to the FAFSA Simplification Act, which expands eligibility for federal financial aid and provides a more streamlined application process.

You can view a 2024-25 FAFSA Walk Through video with information to the changes made as well as a walk through of the submission of the 2024-25 FAFSA.

Weatherford College Financial Aid Office is here to help you. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us by email at or by phone at 817-598-6295.

7 Easy Steps to apply for 2023-24 FAFSA

Tips for completing the FAFSA

  • The fastest, easiest and most accurate way to apply is on-line at FAFSA
  • Apply as early as possible! The FAFSA is available October 1 of each year. (Due to upcoming changes, 2024-25 FAFSA will open in December 2023)
  • List your school choices and their Title IV school codes.
    • WC Title IV School Code is 003664.
  • Complete all income and asset information. Do not leave it blank. If the answer is zero, enter a zero in the blank.
  • Appropriate individuals (student and/or parent) must sign the FAFSA using your FSA ID. Missing signatures will delay your processing. Both student and/or parent must electronically sign the web based FAFSA.
    • If you do not sign with the FSA ID, then your application will be considered an error and will delay any processing time. A signature page can be printed, signed, and mailed to the Dept. of Education, but this will delay the processing time by several weeks.
  • Verify your answers and check for accuracy. Errors will delay the process.
  • Make a copy of your completed FAFSA. Retain a copy for your records.
  • Also complete an Admissions Application at Coyote Recruit for WC. Your FAFSA will not load into WC processing without the Admissions Application.


If you are not eligible for the FAFSA, you may be able to be eligible for Texas Application for Federal Student Aid (TASFA). Please contact the WC Financial Aid Office.

  • Be a high school graduate or have a GED
  • Be either a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • For non-citizens who are classified as Texas Residents SEE TASFA
  • Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program
  • Make satisfactory academic progress in a course of study
  • Not be in default of any educational loans at any school attended; or, if in default, must have made satisfactory repayment arrangements
  • Not owe a refund on grants at any school attended
  • Sign a statement of educational purpose, stating that the student will use federal student aid only for educational purposes
  • Sign a statement of registration, if a male, indicating that he has registered with the Selective Service or that he is not required to register; and
  • Have a valid Social Security number

In addition to the requirements above, first year students, transfer students and returning undergraduates must meet the specific requirements below.

First Year / Transfer Undergraduates: Have clear admission to WC. Students admitted as Provisional or Transient are not eligible for aid.

Returning Undergraduates: Full compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

If you have extenuating circumstances, such as a significant loss of income, death of spouse or parent, homelessness, etc., please contact the financial aid office for more information.  Special Circumstances are not be reviewed during the months of January, July, or August.

Now that I’ve applied, What Now?

  • You must access Coyote Connect
  • Click on Financial Aid
    - Be sure Award Year is on correct Academic Year
  • You will be able to see any financial aid awards for the year chosen.
    - If you have not been awarded, this means your file is not complete. Something is missing or your file is being reviewed. You will be able to see if any documents are missing and are required by financial aid.
  • You will also be able to accept or decline any student loans that have been offered to you.
  • Select Coyote Connect to login now

All required documents including FAFSA, tax documents (if required), and other documents requested by the financial aid office must be received by the following dates:

FALL - June 21   |   SPRING - November 18   |   SUMMER - April 17

This date ensures that we will have your financial aid file completed and awarded to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, books, etc. by the first day of class.

  • Failure to provide the required documents by the deadline could result in your aid not being ready to pay your bill on the payment deadline. You will need to make other financial arrangements such as a payment plan, credit card, cash, etc. with the business office or use the online payment system located in Coyote Connect  
  • Simply completing the FAFSA by the deadline is NOT considered a complete file because there may be more information required beyond the FAFSA.

The verification process is only for students who have been notified by the Financial Aid Office that they must complete verification forms, upload a tax return transcript, submit an appeal, or provide other documentation.

  • Verification is a process through which the Department of Student Financial Aid verifies the information you reported on your FAFSA. Federal regulations require all institutions to perform verification on a percentage of applicants who file for financial aid. Applicants are randomly selected for verification. If you are chosen for verification, you will be notified of the required documents through the email account you provided on the FAFSA as well as your WC student email.
  • If you are selected for verification, you will be required to submit documentation. You will need to go to Coyote Connect to see what may be needed. You will have links for sites to submit requested documents.
  • Any discrepancies found by our department must be corrected and your financial aid eligibility may be affected. This process can delay your aid, so please respond immediately to any requests from our department. The verification process normally takes up to 2-4 weeks from the receipt of the final document. Should you fail to submit all required documentation, financial aid will not be awarded and/or disbursed. If funds were disbursed prior to your selection for verification, they may be cancelled until your file is complete.
  • Click on the link for required documents and select WC Aid Verification to log in to your account using your WC student email (must use the complete email address). For example: and your WC password. If you need assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 817-598-6295. 
  • If this is the first time to login, you will need to “REGISTER” your information first. After the first initial login, you will not be required to register again.
  • NOTE: We can no longer accept income tax forms via the fax or email. They MUST be uploaded into this electronic format. You may use your mobile phone to take pictures of tax documents and upload them to us. You can also scan the document and upload with PDF formatting. If you are unable to do either of these two options, please call our office for further instructions.

Download instructions for WC Aid Verification.

Students may be required to submit additional documentation even though they have not been selected for Verification. These documents may relate to citizenship status, veteran status, and/or orphan status. If requested, please submit the additional documentation immediately to the financial aid office, because your aid can be delayed.

Awards Will Be Made Only After All Required Validation Documentation Has Been Received by the Financial Aid Office. 

What happens now that I have Financial Aid?

All grants, loans and scholarships are electronically credited to a student's account and can be applied toward the student's tuition and fees, book and dorm charges. The student may also provide written authorization to charge minor prior year institutional charges of $200 or less, or any other educationally related cost to their financial aid account. Grant, scholarship and loan balances will be disbursed by the Business Office within 14-days of the official census date of the semester and regularly thereafter. For students who complete their file after the semester is completed, their award will be based upon their final enrollment status and will include only courses completed (includes earned F's, in progress and incompletes), and dropped classes or withdrawals will not be included in determining enrollment status.

Students employed through the work-study program are paid bi-weekly. Time sheets must be submitted on the appropriate dates each month in order to receive a paycheck. Students who fail to submit their time sheet by the designated date, will not receive payment until the following pay period.

The amount of financial aid a student receives is based on his or her enrollment status on the day after the census date and awards will be adjusted accordingly.

Enrollment status will be determined according to the following:

  • Full-time: 12 semester hours or more
  • Three quarter-time: 9-11 semester hours
  • Half-time: 6-8 semester hours
  • Less than half-time 1-5 semester hours

Flex courses (Fall, Spring or Summer) will be included in enrollment status. If a student drops, withdraws from or adds a class on or before the census date, the student's enrollment status will be adjusted and the student's grant aid recalculated. Recalculations will include both increases and decreases in enrollment up to the census date of the student's last class.

Remedial coursework has a limit of 30-semester attempted hours. Remedial courses beyond the 30-hour limit will not be included in course load for determining enrollment status.

Repeated courses with grades of D or higher for the third and beyond attempt will not count in enrollment status.

Courses that do not count toward a student's degree or certificate, with the exception of remedial courses, cannot be included to determine his or her enrollment status. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they enroll in the appropriate classes. If the student receives financial aid for a class not on their degree or certificate program, the student will be responsible for paying back those funds.

Attendance of your classes is mandatory to receive credit from any financial aid that has been awarded. Attendance will be verified by official class rosters.

Non-attendance through official census date will result in removal of all financial aid without further notice. Students who receive federal financial aid that totally withdraw from classes or stop attending classes may be required to repay a portion of the financial aid received for that term. Please check with the financial aid office prior to withdrawing from classes.

Any violation of the above listed conditions will void any and all financial aid forthcoming and, in some cases, a refund of aid already received may be required by Weatherford College.

Day One Access EBooks are charged to the student at the time of registration. These must be paid by payment deadline or opt-out by the opt-out date of each term (contact Financial Aid or Texas Bookstore for dates). Students may be eligible to purchase books from the on-campus bookstore by charging to their student account. If you have already been awarded federal student aid and you have enough funds to pay for tuition and fees plus books, then you may use these funds to purchase books at the Texas Bookstore during bookstore charge dates. Contact either the Texas Bookstore or the Financial Aid Office for book charge deadlines.

The best way to verify if you will be receiving a refund is to view your Coyote Connect account status. This online system will show all your financial aid funds have been applied to your student account and if you are due a refund. We strongly encourage you to educate yourself on this process. As always, we must first verify you are attending classes. Any negative balances mean aid has exceeded charges.

Fall 2023 Refunds: Refunds for grants and student loans begin September 26, 2023 and then regularly afterward.

Spring 2024 Refunds: Refunds for grants and student loans begin February 19, 2024 and then regularly afterward.

Summer 2024 Refunds: Refunds for grants and student loans begin June 26, 2024 and then regularly afterward.

The Business Office processes refunds weekly. Financial aid refunds will be direct deposited to the designated deposit account as you indicated on your Coyote Connect. Students who do not designate a direct deposit account will be mailed a check. Financial aid awards will first be applied to the balance due Weatherford College before being issued to the student. Students who fail to establish eligibility, don't begin attendance in each class or don't attend their classes thru count day, will have their financial assistance reduced or cancelled.

If you have been awarded any scholarships or other financial aid, you must notify the Financial Aid Office. Your total aid package (from all sources) cannot exceed your need as figured by the Dept. of Education, and adjustments to your aid package will be made if you receive any other aid through different sources.