How Do I Apply?

  1. Apply to Weatherford College:

    Complete the Weatherford College application.

  2. Apply to the Health and Human Sciences Program (HHS Program)
    Application deadlines for the HHS Phlebotomy Program in any given year are the last business days in:
    • Fall Admission - June
    • Spring Admission - October
    • Summer Admission - March

  3. Submit Proof of Hepatitis vaccinations or immunity to the HHS Department. The requirement is two Hep B vaccinations and a positive Hep B surface antibody titer or three Hep B vaccinations. These are usually on file at a High School, physician’s office, at home, or with a former employer.

  4. Take the Phlebotomy Accuplacer Placement Test on pre-Algebra and Reading at the WC Testing Center. Submit scores to the HHS Department. Scores are added together for a combined total that is used to rank students for placement in the program. TSI complete scores may be substituted for the Phlebotomy Accuplacer Test, or an Associates or Bachelor degree. Contact the Testing Center: 817-598-6383 or

  5. Upon receipt of the Health and Human Sciences Application, Hepatitis Records, and Accuplacer or TSI Complete Test Scores for an applicant, the application process is complete. Applicants are then are notified by mail of acceptance or non-acceptance. Accepted applicants must notify the HHS Administrative Assistant if they choose to accept their position in the program and follow the instructions in their acceptance packet they received in the mail to complete Program Requirements. Those applicants who are accepted will be emailed further instructions regarding obtaining a Castle Branch account that facilitates storage of vaccine records, has an attached drug screen form, and performs a criminal background check. All accepted applicants must undergo an admissions screening exam with the Program Director to ensure Essential Functions/Skills are in order to enable successful program completion. Applicants will receive the testing dates in an email from the HHS Administrative Assistant, Tammi White.

What Do Accepted Applicants Need to Know?

The cost of the Castle Branch account includes the Drug Screen and the Criminal Background Check. Results of the Criminal Background report are reviewed by the Program Director, and may prevent a student from attending clinical in some areas and from obtaining licensure through national registries. The following histories may disqualify an individual from consideration for clinical rotations:

    • Felony convictions
    • Misdemeanor convictions or felony deferred adjudications involving crimes against person(s) (physical or sexual abuse)
    • Misdemeanor convictions related to moral turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness / exposure, etc)
    • Felony deferred adjudications for the sale, possession, distribution, or transfer of narcotics or controlled substances
    • Registered sex offenders
  • A 10-panel drug screen is required prior to going to off-campus clinical. The Quest drug screen form will be in the student's Castle Branch account for printing to take to the Quest site.
  • Students must obtain American Heart Association CPR Certification for a Basic Life Support Provider. No other CPR will be accepted, including online.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is required of all students while enrolled in the program and is included with registration fees.
  • Tuberculosis screen or Quantiferon, MMR Titers / Immunizations, Tdap Immunizations, current Flu shot, and proof of Varicella and Hepatitis B vaccinations or immunity are required. 
  • Personal Health Insurance is required of all students while enrolled in the Phlebotomy program. This covers accidents that might occur while attending clinical rotations. A short-term student insurance policy is available and the information is provided to applicants in the admission packet. 
  • All requested documents must be uploaded to Castle Branch prior to course start, this is required for clinical placement. 
  • Students must purchase two sets of scrubs, black, khaki, or white; and they can be worn in any combination. Two WC Phlebotomy patches must also be purchased at the WC Bookstore and worn on the left sleeve. Any color of closed-toe tennis shoes may be worn. Any solid color top is acceptable.
  • Read the Student Handbook for understanding.

This program operates in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and all other applicable state and federal laws. The program reserves the right to require the applicant to physically demonstrate any of the above skills. It is the responsibility of the Applicant / Student to notify the program officials, if there should be any reason why the abilities / expectations described above cannot be met.


Tammi White
Administrative Assistant, Health and Human Sciences
Phlebotomy Technology
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