Weatherford College is honored to take part in supporting students who were formerly in Foster Care. This webpage can provide information to assist students in their transition into college, and beyond.

Foster Care Liaisons at Weatherford College

Foster Care Liaison serves as the initial point of contact, advocate and connects Foster Care students with services on and off campus. The Foster Care Liaisons at Weatherford College are Dr. Deborah Cregger and Aimee Schwartz-Jarrett.

Dr. Deborah Cregger
Director of Student Resources

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board partnered with Sam Houston State University, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), and other Texas agencies to create a short video describing the eligibility criteria for the Foster Care College Tuition & Fee waiver and how it can be used in Texas.  The video is called, THECB Tuition and Fee Waiver.

More information is also located at the DFPS State College Tuition Waiver webpage.

To receive a state exemption or waiver follow the steps below for providing verification of eligibility:

  1. Foster Care Exemption or Adoption Exemption Form K-908-1810* from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) must be provided to Weatherford College as written proof verification of eligibility. This form can be obtained from the DFPS staff including the student's PAL staff.
  2. Submit required form listed above to the Financial Aid office one week prior to classes starting. This form must be submitted at the start of each term a student attends Weatherford College. Exemptions and waivers are applied up to the Official Day of Record of a term. They cannot be applied to a students' accounts retroactively.