Virtual Workshops

No time to attend our Study Skills Workshops but need some help studying for classes?  Our ASC Videos are just the thing for you!  Popular topics are in video form for you to watch or just listen to at your convenience.

  • Time Management - Develop a plan for tackling life as a student and strategies for time management.
  • Study Skills - Discover helpful tips for study sessions, explore note taking and test taking strategies, and apply wellness techniques to studying.
  • Stress Management - Discover how to manage inevitable stress, determine how to view stress positively and gain strategies for preventing and managing stress. 
  • Online Learning - Adapting to change, how to succeed in an online classroom, how to be in control.
  • How to Use - How to access, how to get a tutor, format and voice capabilities, connecting to a tutor, work area – chat box and whiteboard and other tools are covered in this video.
  • Goal Setting - Discusses goal setting techniques and explores how habits and decisions lead to goal attainment.
  • Gearing Up for Finals – Finish Strong! - I will pass my finals, I will pass my classes, I will not be defeated, I will finish strong!
  • Critical Thinking - Think critically about critical thinking, critically analyze sources for research, identify how assumptions and biases influence research, understand plagiarism.
  • Achieving Academic Success  - How to give it your all, time management, reading a textbook, notetaking, managing test anxiety.

Face-to-Face Workshops

Free workshops to help you improve your learning skills and achieve academic success offered throughout the academic year in the Streib Center located in the Library!

Workshop Date, Time, Location
Canvas tutorial Jan. 25, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room) tutorial Feb. 8, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room)
Learn your learning style Feb. 22, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room)
Reading a college textbook March 8, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room)
Using online study services March 29, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room)
Dealing with stress April 12, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room)
Preparing for finals May 3, 2022, Noon, Library (Streib Room)