Where is the Academic Support Center located?

The ASC is located on the upper level of the Student Services (STSV) building, Room 104/106.

Why do I have to come to the Academic Support Center?

Tutorial hours are required for all students in a TSI-required math class.  The Academic Support Center is also a great place to study!  We have tutors in a variety of subjects scheduled throughout the week to assist you.  In addition to Math, we have tutors for Writing, Anatomy & Physiology (A & P), Chemistry, Physics, Spanish and more.  Stop in and see how we can help you succeed!

What do I have to do to complete tutorial hours?

You must come to the Academic Support Center and work in the course for which you need tutorial hours.  For example, if you need math hours, you must work on math.  You can complete homework assignments, watch math videos, or work in a math program designed to strengthen math skills.

How do I track my hours for a developmental class in the ASC?

When you first come into the lab, you will login on the computer at the front desk for the class you will be working in.  When you leave, it is very important that you sign out on the computer at the back of the room.  Hours are reduced to five minutes if you fail to sign out.  The computer records your hours and you may request a print out of hours when needed. 

Can I get my tutorial hours without coming to the ASC?

You are in luck!  Online tutoring is available by clicking the Tutor.com link in your Canvas classroom.  Online sessions are limited to an hour at a time.  Although online tutoring is a great option, it is always a good idea to get face-to-face tutoring in the Academic Support Center.