Language Learning Resources


Italki is an online language learning platform. Users may learn for free if they are willing to trade languages.  However, if users want private, professional lessons, then they must pay for them. There are hundreds of partners from which to choose, so users may create their own schedules.


Mondly is a free language learning platform that focuses on conversation in real life situations from eating in restaurants to calling emergency services.

Online Dictionaries

The Cambridge dictionary

The Cambridge dictionary reflects British pronunciation, but is otherwise useful for vocabulary.

The Collins dictionary

The Collins dictionary records British and American pronunciation. It also contains a few dictionaries for other languages like Spanish, French, and Hindi.


Merriam-Webster is the standard American dictionary. It has no foreign language features, but best reflects English in its American form.

Online Translation Services

These services are free, and have audio translations.  Google has more languages, but Reverso is probably more accurate. Both are available as mobile applications.


ESL Bits

This website contains many audiobooks for both intermediate and advanced learners. Each audiobook comes with a script so that one can read along. 


This website contains many audiobooks for learns of all levels. Each audiobook also comes with a script so one can read along.

Learning English Online

This website offers audiobooks in British English at the international standard (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Both the audio and text must be downloaded from links that are provided on the website.

Audio English

This website offers audiobooks in both British and American English for all levels. It is also available for phones.

Many Things

This website offers many listen and read along audiobooks. They are not ranked by level.

Agenda Web

This website contains many audiobooks at the advanced level


This website contains texts and audiobooks for beginning and intermediate students. They are free, but the audios must be downloaded. 


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Philosophy & Approaches

Project based learning

The Frierian Approach