Goals / Outcomes Assessment Plan

Clinical Competency

Students will have the prerequisite clinical skills to be an entry-level radiographer.

   Desired Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate starting and completing tasks with motivation and enthusiasm in the healthcare field of radiology.
  2. Students will be able to select appropriate technical parameters to produce diagnostic images.
  3. Students will be able to demonstrate and identify appropriate anatomy in its entirety in proper position on their images.
  4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of ALARA and the requirements set by federal and state agencies.
  5. Students will demonstrate radiation safety with regard to patients, personnel, and self.

Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the clinical setting.

   Desired Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to analyze finished radiographic images for diagnostic quality.
  2. Students will demonstrate problem-solving / critical thinking skills as they relate to the ordered exam and patient condition.


Students will have oral and written communication skills appropriate to their level of education
and healthcare environment.

   Desired Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate appropriate communication skills with the patient and co-workers.
  2. Students will demonstrate effective oral and written language skills.


The students will demonstrate knowledge of professional ethics, professionalism, and life-long learning in the field.

   Desired Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate the knowledge and practice of professional ethics and legal issues.
  2. Student learning will be expanded by participating in other imaging modalities.
Rev: 07/29/2020


Mickey Ryan, MHA, BSRS, RT(R)(MR)
Program Director
Radiologic Technology
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