In order to apply to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Weatherford College, you must complete the following:

  • MATH 1314 – College Algebra or MATH 1414
  • ENGL 1301 – English Composition I
  • BIOL 2401 – Anatomy and Physiology I *(must have been taken within 5 years at time of admission)
  • BIOL 2402 – Anatomy and Physiology II *(must have been taken within 5 years at time of admission)
  • PHYS 1401 – General Physics or PHYS 1415
  • Elective – Creative Arts OR Language/Philosophy, Culture
  • PSYC 2301 – Introduction to Psychology

*Each prerequisite course must be passed with a ‘C’ or better. It is recommended that prerequisite courses be completed with a ‘B’ or higher.

*The Program Director may grant a waiver for the time limit on science courses, by accepting the AP test through the testing center, on a case-by-case basis. This excludes courses over 10 years old.

Complete HESI A2 test. You must have a minimum score of 70% each on the reading comprehension and math sections). 

The HESI A2 entrance exam is given in the Testing Center at Weatherford College, located in the Jack Knight Building.  The cost of the exam can be verified by calling the Testing Center at 817-598-6383 and is paid in the Weatherford College Business Office.  To schedule the HESI A2 Exam, please use Register Blast.

You will need to present the receipt from the business office to the personnel in the Testing Center.  The exam takes approximately four hours and is computerized. You are allowed to take the test once every 60 days.  Once you have completed the test, please print two copies of the results in order to keep a copy for your records. The HESI A2 scores are good for two years.

Begin the Hepatitis B series and submit proof of the first shot or a positive titer with application. This is a 4 - 6 month process and must be completed prior to the fall semester. Failure to meet application requirements will result in denial of application. We do not accept the Fast Track series.


Complete Health and Human Sciences application and submit it along with official transcripts from all colleges attended, evidence of successful completion of the Texas Success Initiative or evidence of being exempt, HESI-A2 test scores, and proof of Hepatitis B shot to Tammi White in the Health and Human Sciences Division. This information should be emailed to

*Only completed applications along with official transcripts, test scores, and proof of Hepatitis B shot will be accepted.

*Consideration for credit for human medical work experience requires submission of training certificate, transcripts, and a resume with references.

 Failure to meet application requirements will result in denial of application.

Selection Criteria

Selection into the program is based on the following scoring methods:

1. Prerequisite Courses

All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. GPA of 3.5 for prerequisites recommended.

(Points awarded for each course completed)

A 4 points
B 3 points
C 2 points

2. Prerequisite Courses

  • BIOL 2401      Anatomy and Physiology I  
  • BIOL 2402      Anatomy and Physiology II             
  • MATH 1314    College Algebra     
  • ENGL 1301     English Composition I
  • PSYC 2301     Introduction to Psychology
  • Elective           Language/Philosophy/Culture/Creative Arts
  • PHYS 1401     General Physics I or PHYS 1415 Physical Science         

3. Points awarded for a previous degree

Master’s 8 points
Bachelor’s 6 points
Associate’s 4 points

4. Points for prior medical work experience

Proof of experience is required: 5 points per year of experience with a maximum of 15 points allowed.

5. HESI A2 Assessment test scores

As of December 2022, points will be awarded based on the average scores from the Reading, Math, A & P, Grammar, and Vocabulary sections. Only applications that demonstrate a score of >70 in the Reading and Math sections will be considered. This exam can be taken more than once.    

100-90 4 points
89-80 3 points
79-70 2 points

6. Personal Interview

The top 35-40* students who have the highest cumulative amount of points (considering pre-req courses + degree + medical work experience + average of HESI A2 scores) will be invited to interview with the program. Interviews will be scored.

*Number selected is subject to change.

7. Final Ranking Process

The 20 students who have the highest cumulative amount of points (considering the items below) will be accepted into the upcoming Fall cohort:  

Pre-req courses maximum of 28 points can be obtained
Average of HESI-A2 scores maximum of 4 points can be obtained
Highest degree earned maximum of 8 points can be obtained
Work experience maximum of 15 points can be obtained
Must be full-time work related directly to patient care.
Personal interview score maximum of 25 points can be obtained

See Information Packet for more details.