This 60 credit hour program prepares students for careers in Criminal Justice by merging academic knowledge with applied experiences. It is designed for students planning on attending a law enforcement academy and for peace officers already established in the career. The mission is to develop a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system and make a lasting impact on communities. Our AAS in Criminal Justice degree provides you with a broad-based education. The degree plan is designed to give you the skills and education required to successfully navigate the competitive process to advance your objectives.

Academic credit is provided for satisfactory completion of specialized training in a police academy. We are committed to developing responsible and knowledgeable public servants. Faculty are experienced in the field of Criminal Justice and desire to assist students in reaching their personal and professional goals. This degree will assist students wishing to seek a bachelor's degree and provide for their families as well as the ability to promote within a law enforcement agency. Peace Officer tuition exemptions are allowed in Criminal Justice courses.

Many officers receive an education bonus just for having an education beyond the required high school diploma or GED.

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  • For students planning on attending a law enforcement academy.
  • For students that have successfully completed a police academy.

Career Options

  • Go directly into the workforce as a police officer/law enforcement officer.
  • Seek promotions and/or advancements within a law enforcement department.

While it may not be required, having post-secondary education under your belt as a police officer will net you a higher salary and make it easier for you to move up in the ranks. Police officers with more education may also be better able to adapt to proposed community policing initiatives, including public outreach and crime prevention initiatives. Many officers receive an education bonus just for having an education beyond the required high school diploma or GED.

Related Programs

Transfer Options

  • Ease of transfer to a 4-year college/university.
  • To the workforce.


  • Rusty Arnold Memorial Scholarship - Established in 2014 by friends and family of Sgt. Rusty Arnold. Eligible students must be from Parker County and accepted into the WC Police Academy.
  • Russell L. Boyd Memorial Scholarship - Established in 1983 by Sherri Box in memory of her late husband, Russell Boyd, a Texas Highway Patrolman killed in the line of duty, to assist students interested in Law Enforcement.
  • Criminal Justice Institute Alumni Scholarship - Established by Alumni of Weatherford College's Criminal Justice Institute for deserving Criminal Justice students.
  • Estate of Stella & Stan Renner Scholarship - Established in 2019 by Marilyn Reynolds in honor of her parents, for full-time students entering a service career.
  • Sharon Barder Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • More information can be found on the Scholarship page.


  • Sharon K. Johnson

Criminal Justice AAS

    Criminal Justice AAS
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    Sharon K. Johnson
    Criminal Justice Coordinator and Faculty