Weatherford College Psychology Courses focus on major psychological topics, theories, and approaches to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Students interested in psychology, planning on majoring in psychology, or pursuing a career in psychology, will develop practical research skills, and an appreciation of the complexities of Human behavior. Students may, also, have the opportunity to participate in Psi Beta, a national honors society in psychology.

Weatherford College Psychology course work offers studies in General Psychology, Life span and Development, Social Psychology, Behavioral Statistics, Abnormal, Biological Psychology, and Honors Psychology, that are pathways towards transferring into University Bachelor Degrees.

Career Options

An Associate of Science or Arts, with course work in Psychology, serves as a pathway, to continued studies in the discipline, and transfers to University degrees. Some careers in Psychology, such as Teaching, Counseling, and Clinical Psychologist, require an advanced graduate degree, other careers in Psychology, such as Case Managers, Market Researchers, Human Resource Specialist, Laboratory Assistants, and more, often require a Bachelor degree.

The top 3 fastest growing psychology careers are Career Counseling, School Psychologist, and Family Marriage Counselor. CareerProfiles.info 2021


  • Romney D. Landis 
  • Dr. Leon Abbott
  • Dr. Tasha L. Brown


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    Romney D. Landis
    Department Chair