The Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Business Administration is designed for students seeking a broad program of study in all phases of business practices. The degree focuses not only at the core of management (principles of management, organizational behavior, and personnel administration) but also encompasses the critical areas of business operations (principles of marketing, accounting, and business law). This program is designed for the student who plans to start a business career after two years of concentrated study.

Career Options

The Associate of Applied Science in Business is valuable to those that wish to improve their earning potential within an existing career such as administrative assistants, sales managers, office managers and clerical positions. In addition it will provide opportunities for employment or advancement in various sectors of business and industry that are vital to the local and United States economy.

The A.A.S in Business is the logical place to start for students wishing to take advantage of the new B.A.A.S. in Organizational Leadership at Weatherford College. This degree will provide the requirements for the first two years of the B.A.A.S. program and is the ideal degree pathway for students that want to take advantage of the opportunity to complete a four-year degree at Weatherford College.

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Transfer Options

Students are encouraged to pursue the B.A.A.S. at Weatherford College, or this degree can be utilized to enter the business workforce or improve position and earning potential at an existing occupation.


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