1.  When will this law be effective?
     Campus carry goes into effect on August 1st, 2017 for community colleges.

  2.  What is Texas’ “Campus Carry” law?
    “Campus Carry” is the common name for the law that authorizes a License to Carry (LTC) holder to carry a concealed handgun at institutions of higher education in Texas. This authorization is subject to the institution’s reasonable rules and regulations.

  3.  Does the Campus Carry law allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon at Weatherford College?
    No. The law does not grant a universal right to carry a concealed weapon on campus.  The law applies only to LTC holders.

  4.  Is open carry permitted on Weatherford College Campuses?
     Open carry is not permitted by a license holder regardless of whether the handgun is holstered on any Weatherford College   property.

  5.  What is required for a person to be eligible for an LTC in Texas?
     Please refer to Texas Government Code, Section 411.172 for exact eligibility requirements.

  6.  What weapons are covered under the license to carry permit?
     The statute covers only handguns. A handgun is a pistol, revolver or other firearm the length of the barrel, which, not including any revolving, detachable, or magazine breech, does not exceed 12 inches. Other weapons – rifles or shotguns –     are not permitted on any Weatherford College property.

  7.  If Texas has reciprocity with another state and that state allows concealed carry at age 18, can a license holder from the other state who is younger than 21 carry a handgun in Texas?
    No. License holders from other states must comply with Texas law regarding carrying a handgun in Texas, including age restrictions.

  8.  Who has the authority to ask an individual who is carrying a concealed weapon, if they have the appropriate permit?
     A handgun license holder is not required to disclose that he/she has a license to anyone except a magistrate or peace officer, which includes Weatherford College Police. 

Exclusion Zones​  

  1.  Are there any places that an LTC holder cannot carry a concealed handgun? 
     Yes. While Weatherford College will employ all reasonable means to delineate exclusionary zones by signage in accord with   Texas statutory law, it is the respon- sibility of the permit holder to know, understand, and follow these rules and applicable
     laws while on the campus of Weatherford College. Holders of such permits are bound by state and federal law and may face   criminal or civil penalties for violation of those statues.

           Once formal policies and procedures have been approved, a complete listing of exclusionary zones will be made available.


  1.  What should I do if I see a handgun or any other type of weapon on campus?
     Call WCPD (817-771-3535) or 911. An LTC holder is required to keep the handgun out-of-sight. If you see a person on campus with a weapon, you can help with campus safety by alerting police about suspicious activity.

  2.  Can a LTC holder carry his/her handgun in a backpack or purse?
     Yes, but the backpack or purse must be on or about the LTC holder’s person and the handgun must be in a holster that completely covers the trigger and entire trigger guard area.

  3.  Is there any safety training for what I should do in an active shooter situation?
     WCPD encourages all faculty, staff, and students to view the Run, Hide, Fight”active shooter training video.