We are providing a hybrid delivery format for our paramedic program to accommodate the needs of working EMS professionals. This delivery model will be a combination of online and face-to-face education. The hybrid format is aimed to reduce time in class by allowing the students to participate in lectures online, on their own time. Time in the classroom will be focused heavily on skills practice, simulation training, and overall hands-on practical application of what is learned during online lecture. In addition to the hybrid delivery model, classroom time will be scheduled using the standard shift-schedule that is used by most fire and EMS agencies around the region.

Program Goals

To prepare competent entry-level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains with or without exit points at the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and/or Emergency Medical Technician, and/or Emergency Medical Responder levels.


The Weatherford College Paramedic Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
To contact CoAEMSP:
Fax: 214-703-8992

Career Options

After graduation and successfully completing the National Registry exam, graduates will be eligible to apply for their Texas DSHS certification. Once certified graduates will be able to practice as a paramedic in a prehospital settings such as fire departments, on ambulances, in a hospital, and more. 

Paramedic is the highest level of licensure in the Emergency Medical Services Profession. Many departments today employ only paramedics creating a demand that all-but guarantees a job to all graduates.

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 Paramedic Program Graduate Outcomes

  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Number of students enrolled
15 12 9 16 25 24 35 28
Number of students completed 14 12 6 15 24 20 24 18
Percent completing program 93% 100% 67% 93% 96% 83% 69% 64%
National Registry
Overall Pass Rate
100% 91% 100% 100% 100% 100% 92% 94%
After Graduation
100% 91% 100% 100% 100% 100% 92% 100%

Application Process 

In addition to applying for Weatherford College the details listed below will also be required to obtain acceptance in the Weatherford College Paramedic Program. 

The Texas Administrative Code and Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation Community Standards requires students attending clinical rotations be immune to MMR, Varicella, & Hepatitis B.  This requirement can be met by: 

  • MEASELS, MUMPS, RUBELLA (MMR) VACCINE: Proof of 2 MMR shots or a positive MMR titer. (This test is known as a MMR IgG titer)
  • VARICELLA (Chicken Pox) VACCINE: Proof of 2 Varicella shots or a positive Varicella titer. (This test is known as a Varicella IgG titer)
  • HEPATITIS B VACCINE:  Proof of 2 or 3 Hepatitis B shots based on vaccine variant or submit a positive Hepatitis B titer. (This test is known as a Hep B surface Ab titer)

/**A titer report must be dated within six months prior to the program start date. **

  • TETANUS DIPHTHERIA/PERTUSSIS (TDAP) VACCINE: Proof of 1 received within the last 10 years.
  • TUBERCULIOUS SKIN TEST: Proof of 1 received within the last year or Chest X-ray within the last 12 months. (Must stay current throughout the program)
  • FLU SHOT: Proof of 1 received for the current year/season. (Must be current throughout the program)
  • MENIGITIS VACCINE: Proof of 1 received.  (Not required if you are over 22 years of age)
  • COVID-19 VACCINE: As of 6/19/2024 the Covid-19 Vaccine is no longer mandatory, but is Highly Recommended by the clinical sites that Weatherford College is affiliated with. Clinical sites retain the authority to enforce COVID-19 vaccination mandates, this can potentially affect student participation in clinical rotations and graduation requirements. Exemptions and accommodations for the COVID-19 vaccine requirement will not be available if clinical site mandates are implemented.

Proof of a current BLS Basic Life Support level from the American Heart Association (AHA)NO OTHER CPR CERTIFICATE/CLASS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Online CPR is not acceptable. CPR Certificate must stay current throughout the program.

Must submit proof of major medical insurance.  Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, UHC, etc. is acceptable. Tricare or VA students please submit a copy of military ID.  Information about a short-term policy for college students can be found at www.ejsmith.com.  If your name isn’t on your current insurance card, you will also need to submit proof of coverage from the insurance company along with your card.

Show proof of National Registry EMT Card and/or Texas DSHS EMT Certificate. All Paramedic students will be required to have a Texas DSHS EMT Certificate before the start of clinicals.

Must pass a Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen which will be part of the Paramedic application fee.

Applications for the paramedic program can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator. 


  • Dave Jackson Paramedicine Scholarship - For students Enrolled in the paramedic and EMS Programs
  • Dr. Trevor Mabery Scholarship
  • Weatherford College Grants
  • For Tru Grant WorkForce Applications email MCarsons@wc.edu
  • More information can be found on the Scholarship page.





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    Samantha Grimsley
    EMS Program Coordinator