An associates in science with a focus in applied mathematics and analysis. Students will complete the CORE curriculum and the beginning courses for the Field of Study in mathematics. The baseline mathematics sequence of courses open up opportunities to transfer into STEM programs at four year institutions.

From traditional STEM fields and medical fields to data driven majors that rely on analytics to make decisions, mathematically and analytically trained workers are in demand across the country.

Career Options

This degree provides a foundation for transferring into major STEM fields at four year universities.

Jobs can range from teaching to data analysis.

Mathematical applications apply to fields spanning from psychology to business and major STEM fields.

Weatherford College does not have many Mathematics majors at this time. This field of study will transfer for 85%-90% for the science related STEM majors to the four year institutions.

Related Programs

Generally related to an associates in science, completion of the CORE, with extensions in mathematics.

Transfer Options

Prepares students to transfer to four year institutions and major in various STEM fields which rely heavily on mathematics and analytical reasoning.



    Michael Lee
    Mathematics Department Chair