The Social Sciences Department at Weatherford College is proud to offer a variety of lower-division courses in History to prepare students for pursuing a bachelors degree in History (or second education-Social Studies). We have taken special care to examine the course requirements that local universities have for this degree and know that students who take our classes will be well-prepared for the upper-division courses they will take at four year institutions.

Our History faculty have as a whole tremendous amounts of experience in teaching History courses and enjoy the smaller class sizes which allow us to better interact with students on a more individual level. After having taken our classes you will have significantly enhanced your skill-sets and knowledge so as to feel confident walking into your upper-division courses in History.

Career Options

Median annual salary of those with a bachelor's degree in U.S. History is $62,000.


  • Speaker Jim Wright Scholarship


  • Scott Tarnowieckyi, Ph.D.
  • Cathy L. Johnson, Ph.D.
  • John Flanagan, Ph.D.
  • Elizabeth Endsley, M.A.
  • Scott Williams, M.A.



    Scott M. Williams
    Associate Professor of History