The Weatherford College Police Department was established on 15 September 1993, by the Board of Trustees and former President Dr. Jim Boyd. Since that time the department has grown from 1 officer to 5 full time Peace Officers, 1 Crime Victim Liaison, 1 secretary and 5 Security Officers.

The department is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The on-duty officer may not always be in the office because he/she may be out on campus and can be contacted by mobile phone 817-771-3535.

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Weatherford College Police Department (WCPD) is to serve and protect a social and academic environment that sustains and encourages moral and intellectual growth while preserving the legal right of individuals.

We will facilitate this goal by being as proactive as possible, anticipating and preventing unsafe conditions, protecting facilities and property, and protecting individuals from the imprudent or illegal acts of others.

We recognize that in order to meet our goal, we must be dedicated to the development of a constructive partnership with all segments of the Weatherford College Community. We can continue to keep the Weatherford College Community a safe and secure environment for learning, living, and working together with a spirit of cooperation and understanding, and when necessary, the imposition of administrative or legal sanctions.