Horizontal Drilling courses include:

Students in the Horizontal Drilling will receive an overview of practices and procedures of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. Learn essentials of drilling fluids used in HDD and correction techniques for HDD fluids. Also, develop analytical and technical skills necessary to test and validate HDD fluid chemistries. In addition, learning to use test equipment to perform volumetric analysis, titration and quantitative chemical analysis.

  • PTRT.1091 – Fluids & Processes : 48 contact hours

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Petroleum Drilling courses include:

In Petroleum Drilling students will receive an overview of petroleum drilling terms, learn essentials of drilling fluids used in petroleum drilling and get an introduction to basic drilling rig components and their functions. As well as, detailed mud chemistry checking titrations.

  • PTRT.1003 – Fluids & Processes (BLS): 96 contact hours

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Applicants must complete the General Non-Credit Studies IA program application BEFORE they can be admitted into the program and are eligible for registration. If under 18, Minor Consent Form is required and must be completed then uploaded with the application.

According to O-Net
The average hourly wage for Drilling Operator in Texas is


This program does not qualify for Workforce Education Grant (WEG), Weatherford College Foundation Scholarship for Workforce Education or FASFA.

Petroleum Technology/Technician


Weatherford Campus: 817-598-8870
Wise County Campus: 940-626-3304

Number of Credits

  • 4.8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) Horizontal Drilling
  • 9.6 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) Petroleum Drilling